Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chapeter 1: Always On The Rocks

The First Question
Osho, meditativeness and science are difficult to reconcile. Yet Painting, a picture, writing a poem, and solving a scientific problem all bring the same joy.
The same joy!
Why is it so difficult to be meditative and a scientist? Why has there never been a society in which the inner and the outer sciences, the science of gentleness and love and the science of aggression and death, bring harmony?
- Ananda Prabhu,

THE VERY EFFORT TO RECONCILE THE POLAR opposites is wrong - you will never succeed in it. It is like trying to reconcile day and night, it is like trying to reconcile life and death. You need not reconcile them, you have only to see that the are reconciled. Day and night are moving perfectly in rythm; life and death are two wings of existence.

Science is concentration: it is mind, it is effort. Meditation or religion is a totally different world: it is relexxation, it is let-go - it is not concentration at all. It is no one-pointedness, it is no-pointedness. So how can you reconcile them? How do you reconcile workk and rest? But you work hard in the day, and at night rest comes of its own accord. You have earned it; your hard work brings rest.

Now the time has come. Everything can happen only at a particular time. Religion has come to its ultimate peak in the Buddhas; now science is also coming to an ultimate peka. And only when two things have grown is a meeting possible.
A seed cannot meet a tree; the seed will have to become a tree. Only then high, in the winds, in the clouds, can they whisper to each other, hug each other - can they havea dialogue. But a seed will not know the language, the tree will not understand the language of the seed.

Carl Gustav Jung: has divided humans into tow: the extroverts and the introverts.
His catagorization is relevant for the past but will be utterly useless for the future, because the future man will be both together. In the past, we have always been categorizing in this way, but the future man will not be a man and will not be a woman. I AM NOT SAYING BIOLOGICALLY - biologically the woman will be a woman, and the man will be a man - but spiritually the rfuture man will have as many feminine qualities as the woman, and the woman will have as many masculine qualities as the man. Spitritually they will never be labelled as a man or woman anymore. And that will be the real liberation - not only liberation of women, but the liberation of men too: liberation from straightjackets, liberation from imprisioning categories, liberation from all labels.

Man is not going to be Hindu, Mohammendan, Christian; man is not going to be Indian, German, English; man is not going to be white or black. Not that colours will disappear - the white man will remain white and the black will be black - but these will become irrelevent, trivial, meaningless; they will not be decisive.

The new man will have a universal consciousness; and the foundation will be laid by the meeting of science and religion.

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